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The Sims Host a LAN Party

Our story begins at the home of Spork Phatt, a 20-year old college dropout who just inherited a ton of money. The first thing he did was move out of his parent's garage and get a place of his own. As you can see, he's a pretty happy fellow.

Muahaha, I finally own my own place! And these flamingo lawn ornaments make me looks like a stud, I bet I'm impressing the neighbors. Boo-yah!

One of the first things Spork did was invite the neighbors over. They brought him a fruit basket to welcome them to the neighborhood, which Spork used to start his outdoor compost heap.

Don't even think about stealing my flamingo lawn ornaments. They're mine!

While Bob and Dale do the dishes, I'll entertain myself with this phone sex hotline.

After scaring off the neighbors, Spork tried out the local dating scene. Although he looked hip with his sunglasses, and he certainly had some money to throw around, he never quite got past the first date with anyone.

Why yes, I do cut my own hair.

No no wait! This is a cool trick. Watch!

Ooga booga booga! I'm the boogeyman!

Holy smokes, this guy has a nice ass.

But regardless of what Spork did, he just couldn't find happiness. Slowly, he sunk deeper and deeper into his depression.

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