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RTCW Personality Quiz

Posted on the alt.games.wolfenstein by Nick Zitzmann

Directions: For each quiz question, choose which of the four given options you are _most_likely_ to do in an RtCW multiplayer game...

1. You are playing as a lieutenant. When the warmup is over, and the match starts, what is the very first thing you do?
a) You immediately press 6 and give ammo out to medics first, then engineers, then non-panzer soldiers, then yourself.
b) Same as A, except that you top yourself off first, then give ammo out to other random players.
c) Same as B, except you ignore the other players' existence, even if they ask for ammo.
d) You immediately press 5 and throw a smoke bomb into your teammates if you are playing on an outdoor map and team damage is on, or you use your grenade instead if you're indoors.

2. You are playing as a medic. Your teammates come under heavy fire and at least one goes down. What do you do?
a) You immediately drop what you're doing, press 5, and revive as many teammates as you can.
b) You try to kill first, revive later.
c) You attempt a kamikaze attack on the enemy.
d) You gib your teammates.

3. You are playing as a soldier using a panzerfaust. How do you use the panzerfaust?
a) You save your rockets for the perfect panzer shot that would wipe out half the other team in one hit, maintaining absolute patience.
b) You take blind shots and occassionally kill someone, either a teammate or an enemy.
c) You use it to suicide bomb enemies even when they were far away from the objective.
d) You spawn, wait a second, turn around, and blast your teammates.

4. You came under heavy fire and got knocked down. What do you do?
a) Press v-2-1 and wait a while. Give directions to your location so nearby medics can find you.
b) Spam v-2-1 repeatedly.
c) Tap out into limbo immediately, even when a medic is nearby.
d) /callvote kick (name of enemy who killed you)

5. You are playing as a soldier, but instead of using a soldier-only weapon, you choose a sub-machine gun, and...
a) "What?! I would never do that since if I wanted an SMG, I would play as a lieutenant instead."
b) "I don't mind doing this, since I get four 'nades instead of the usual one."
c) "You mean there are other gun selections?! Where are they?"
d) You throw all four of your grenades at teammates only, spam v-2-2 repeatedly, then machine-gun any lieutenant that answers your request.

6. You are playing on a sudden-death map (like mp_depot). Which of these are you most likely to do?
a) Call for backup, ask for an engineer to help you (if you are not an engineer yourself), take the least guarded path to the objective, and work as a team to complete the map.
b) Same as A, except you spawn as an engineer and try to go alone.
c) You play Rambo.
d) Same as A, except you backstab and TK your entire party at the best opportunity.

7. One of your teammates just happens to be the server admin. What do you do?
a) You do exactly as the admin says; after all, it is their server and you are at their mercy. After all, they may be using WAB and you may find yourself banned if you act like an idiot.
b) You ignore the admin.
c) You /callvote kick (name of admin) when he/she does something, completely oblivious to the fact that the player is the admin. You act surprised when you are kicked without warning.
d) You TK the admin and justify it as self defense somehow.

8. If you like to throw grenades, which class are you most likely to choose?
a) Lieutenant, since you get unlimited grenades through ammo refills.
b) Engineer, even on maps where there are no objectives involving dynamite, since you can carry up to eight grenades.
c) None, since you are no good with grenades, or you don't throw them at all, or you don't know what a grenade is or what they're used for.
d) Whichever gets you the most TKs.

9. Do you use voice chat to communicate things like yes, no, fire in the hole, thanks, sorry, etc.?
a) v-5-1.
b) No, or not always.
c) What's voice chat?
d) You always v-5-7 when you pull off a massive TK.

10. What are you most likely to do while in spectator mode or limbo?
a) Watch various players and give advice, warnings, intel, etc.
b) Watch various players and observe how they play.
c) Go to the refridgerator and get a drink.
d) Brag about your 1337 M4d s| Add up your selections, and score yourself as follows...

Mostly A's: You are an expert player, and you definitely know what you're doing. Congratulations.

Mostly Bs: You obviously have some experience, but you've got much to learn before you can call yourself an expert.

Mostly Cs: You are either a newbie or a complete n00b. (There's a difference. A newbie is totally new to the game. A n00b is not, but acts and plays like he/she is new.) Please go join a game and watch the people who got mostly As for a while.

Mostly Ds: You are either a team killer, an absolute idiot, or both. Please do us all a favor and go away.

Copyright LamerKatz