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Official LamerKatz Quiz #2

If the first LamerKatz Quiz didn't meet your demand for useless LamerKatz trivia, you're in luck! The following 25 questions will test whether you're as much of a LamerKatz fan as you think you are. You may want to review the previous quiz to brush up on a few things, but no one is forcing you...


1) (warmup question) Who runs LamerKatz?

a) DorkNova
b) DarkNova
c) Dark Nova
d) DrankOva

2) Which Quake3 model was not used in the "Quake3 Wazzup" movie?

a) Sarge
b) Klesk
c) Ranger
d) Doom

3) In "WebVoid's Guide to Mac Gaming," how many iBooks were left standing after the first roll of "iBook Bowling?"

a) 0 - it was strike, baby!
b) 1 - but he probably got the spare!
c) 2 - it was a 7-10 split!
d) 10 - he missed them all! AHAHAH!!

4) Complete this quote from "How the Grinch Captured the Flag": "But I think that the most likely reason of all, May have been that his ________ was two sizes too small."

a) monitor
b) bandwidth
c) mousepad
d) heart

5) What number was used in WebVoid's "____ Scariest Games of All Time" article?

a) 10
b) 100
c) 11
d) 9.5

6) According to the article in the last question, what was the "scariest" game of all time?

a) The Reflex Tester
b) Counterstrike
c) Deer Hunter
d) The Sims

7) What event put an abrupt end to the fun in "The Sims Host a LAN Party"?

a) a power outage
b) the house was robbed
c) a fire
d) the hub broke

8) According to LamerKatz, what is Reason #1730145 why Quake3 is better than Unreal Tournament?

a) better graphics and sound
b) fewer lamers online
c) Q3DM17, baby!
d) some really hot chick plays it

9) What event did DarkNova recently "attend," with "pictures to prove it," noting my overuse of "quotes."

a) QuakeCon
b) E3
c) CPL Tournament
d) John Carmack's birthday party

10) What was the base picture for Photoshop Challenge #2?

a) some guy falling off a cliff
b) 2 guys with a giant stack of pizza boxes
c) a funny looking old man driving a go-kart
d) DarkNova's graduation photo

11) How many WRONG answers were present in the FIRST LamerKatz Quiz? Hint: (# of questions) * (# of options - 1)

a) 101
b) 100
c) 75
d) 60

12) Which of the following is NOT a rank on the LamerKatz Forum?

a) Clueless Newbie
b) "Secret Lamer Order" Agent
c) l33t d00d
d) DarkNova's Janitor

13) What is, "How many brain cells it took to come up with this idiotic poll."

a) 81
b) 72
c) 64
d) 37

14) What is the blue "title" in front of the list of links of note at the top of every page? (the list under the banner, but don't look!)

a) New Stuff
b) Recent Stuff
c) Neat Stuff
d) Cool Stuff

15) When lamerkatz.com came back online after Stomped closed, but wasn't quite ready to re-open yet, what did you see at lamerkatz.com?

a) nothing, just "page not found" 404 error
b) an annoying shockwave movie that played even more annoying music
c) DarkNova's infamous "enemies list"
d) a site selling Flamingo Lawn Ornaments

16) In the "He Blew His Cover" condump, what government agency does the guy claim to work for?

a) CIA
b) NSA
c) FBI
d) MIB

17) How many "Lame Side" comics have been based off photographs instead of screenshots?

a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 0

18) What does DarkNova show how to overclock (with pictures) in "The Joy of Serving"?

a) a Celeron
b) a GeForce2 MX
c) a banana
d) a 14.4 modem

19) What exciting thing did LamerKatz do for their 3rd anniversary?

a) nothing!
b) a "3rd Year in Review" article
c) a sneak-peek at LamerKatz Chronicles 2
d) a live countdown on the LamerKatz IRC channel

20) What game has DarkNova NEVER been hopelessly addicted to (enough so that he mentions it in the news)?

a) Diablo II
b) Baldur's Gate
c) Sim City 3000
d) EverQuest

21) How does the "Crosshair Bot" work?

a) it automatically aims for you, so just hit fire
b) it makes the crosshair invisible
c) it makes the crosshair really big
d) you put a piece of paper over your monitor with a hole in the center, and shoot when you see bad guys in the hole

22) LamerKatz showed a flaw in the OSP physics by posting what?

a) a screenshot showing a stack of players at an impossible angle
b) a demo showing a player do impossible trickjumps not possible in other mods
c) a picture of a blender
d) a demonstration of how to turn off collision detection

23) Which of the following is NOT a section under "Q3 Quotes"?

a) RA3 Quotes
b) CTF Quotes
c) Urban Terror Quotes
d) Sad Insults

24) How many times does the official LamerKatz logo cycle through the spectrum of colors?

a) once
b) twice
c) three times
d) none, the LK logo is black and white

25) Which of the following features was /.'ed (shashdotted)?

a) Guide to Mac Gaming
b) How the Grinch Captured the Flag
c) Quake3 Wazzup
d) this quiz that you're doing right now

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