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A Medic's Guide to Lieutenants

Posted on the PlanetWolfenstein Forums by Hawkeye MD

Lieutenants are the middle children of the military. He is forever caught between the men he commands and the higher-ranking officers in the rear area. He is looked down upon by his superiors. To them he is little better than a foot soldier. He might be good enough to accomplish the objectives but that is only one small part of their grand strategy. They never explain themselves because he doesn't need to know why, he just has to obey orders.

At least his superiors aren't there looking over his shoulder. Instead he has his troops in his face. And what troops! Dirty soldiers, blood splattered medics, and engineers smelling of smoke. The lieutenant's superiors might call them his troops but nobody bothered to tell them. His troops routinely ignore his orders and sometimes do the exact opposite. They order him around and constantly demand ammo. The anarchists have taken over his little corner of the war.

Between the superior aloofness of higher-ranking officers and the effects of battle, almost all lieutenants are suffering from differing levels of battle fatigue. It seems like his troops are always storming the same castles, destroying the same radars, and landing on the same beach.

Because of the inevitable hallucinations brought on by battle fatigue, no one really understands lieutenants. It may seem like their brain has shrunk to the size of a pea and rolled out their nose but the lieutenant thinks his actions are perfectly logical. When a lieutenant throws an airstrike he actually sees a human wave of enemies approaching his position. It may look to you like a lone lieutenant is attacking four enemy soldiers, the lieutenant sees himself leading a larger force of teammates attacking the enemy. When their hallucinations match reality, lieutenants can actually be an invaluable part of the squad.

Every lieutenant has heard of the Great and Powerful AG or Ammo God. The story of AG started sometime near the beginning of the war. The written account of AG was lost in an enemy airstrike and a debate has raged ever since. It is generally believed that AG is responsible for providing the energy that replenishes lieutenant's power bars. What is done with the resulting ammo is the subject of the debate. Some lieutenants believe that ammo should not be shared with their troops. Of them only he is worthy to partake of AG's bounty of ammo. Other lieutenants believe that AG's bounty should be shared by all (except for the heathen enemy). But even among that group some lieutenants believe that some troops are more worthy of AG's bounty than other troops. Still other lieutenants get such joy from sharing AG's bounty that they scatter ammo packs everywhere though this is quite rare.

Lieutenants believe that sometimes the spirit of AG fills some of his troops. A lieutenant can tell when this happens because he will hear voices in his head saying "I need ammo". The spirit of AG fills the trooper until there is a bright yellow ball floating above his head... and the debate begins again. Some lieutenants share AG's bounty of ammo with the possessed trooper (and they are possessed, some troops will yell, rush, and even attack a lieutenant to try and get AG's bounty of ammo). Other lieutenants will do anything to get rid of the voices in their head. When they hear "I need ammo" they will turn to the nearest trooper and throw ammo at him or they might just run away. There are rare lieutenants that will seek out a possessed trooper to deliver AG's bounty of ammo but you never know when he will get distracted by a hallucination along the way.

Every lieutenant has also heard of AG's darker side. Sometimes he is known as the Airstrike God or Artillery God. Let's face it, we're at war. Sometimes we have to deal with unsavory characters to achieve our objectives. In certain limited circumstances AG's darker side of Artillery and Airstrike are almost essential. But beware of the Dark Lieutenant who squanders AG's power with repeated Airstrikes and Artillery strikes, he is more of a danger to his own troops than the enemy.

Pity the poor lieutenant, he is under attack from all sides and that is before he ever gets near the enemy. It's a dirty thankless job but he has his hallucinations to keep him happy.

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