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L-Aimbot Fan Mail

By John (jxl) LaRoe


So you're the inventor of the L-AIM Bot!?! You, sir (or madam, as the case may be) are a genius!

After several years of playing Quake III and its various mods, I had grown quite frustrated -- not because I lost frequently, but because too often, I didn't even really get to play. I'd find myself on a server with some jackoff running an aim bot and camping in some remote perch where he could rack up rails-only scores on the order of two times the second best players, and three to four times those of the pack.

Then -- the other day, in a Garage Sale -- I found my L-AIM Bot. Scooped it up instantly -- at only twice the original asking price. Deluxe model, too. Only $2400. And I am loving it. Now I play only on Bot-populated servers.

Well, really I don't play anymore. And neither does anyone else. We all just log in. Push "Fight." And got start the coffee. Warm up a danish. And let the bots, moderated by variations in ping, sort out the really cool winners from the totally useless losers. In fact, I'm thinking about getting a second computer, one for me to use while the bots are busy with the one I got now.

I'm thinking I'll use it to play Pong.

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