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Stories are basically... short stories! Most of them are about past games (where no condump is available) but they can be just about anything Quake-related... a recollection, a joke, a funny picture, whatever.

The Scream - Aaaaiiieieee!!!!
Official LamerKatz Quiz #2 - Test your knowledge... again!
RTCW Personality Quiz - Over 99% accurate.
L-Aimbot Fan Mail - This really makes it all worth it!
A Medic's Guide to Lieutenants - I spit on the chain of command!
I Ran a Quake House - Even worse than a crack house.
Dirty Gaming - Think of the children!
More RTCW Horror Stories - Frightening stuff.
Dynamite Antics - D'oh!!!!!!!
Quake Player Can't Distinguish Gaming from Reality - My mom cheats!
A Medic's Guide to Engineers - Engineers are a dangerous bunch...
A Medic's Guide to Soldiers - Soldiers are a dangerous bunch...
Invulnerability Cheat - l33t h4x0r!
14 Hilarious RTCW Moments - Available in a single compact package!
Wall-Hopping-Doc-Stealer - CHEETER!
OSP Physics are Wrong! - Official bug report.
Urban Terror - Priceless - I'll have to check this out.
Quake3 Llama Model - Someone actually did it!
Don't Trust Strangers - Good advice.
Why I Lost that Deathmatch - This always happens to me.
Official LamerKatz Quiz - Test your knowledge!
10 Fragmandments - Thou shalt not be a lamer.
Don't Lag Out - A little Urban Terror fun.
Quake3 Problem - Darn bugs.
Quake3 Ripped - I'm 4 m4st0r h4x0r n0w!
Crosshair Bot - I'm really worried about this one.
What's with all the Trash Talk? - Looks easy enough.
Behind the Andybot - True Hollywood story.
Odds, Statistics, and CD-key Woes - D'oh!
Sarge's Secret Past - I would have never guessed.
Optical Illusions of Q3DM6 - Whooaahh... trippy...
Extreme Cow Tipper - Multiplayer should be fun.
Moon Ownage - Damn this guy is good, again!
Team Arena CD-Key - No wonder so many people ask for one!
Llama Model - This is just what we need.
DarkNova in Fatal1ty Interview - Yippee! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
Quake3 Full CD - Finally all the warez boys can stop begging.
Pic of new Q3 Aimbot in Use - Too complex for me.
How to Beg for a CD-Key - Proven to work!
Do-it-Yourself CD-Key - A handyman's dream.
A Limerick - Quake poetry? Oh yeah!
Internet Community Drives Boy to Suicide - Tragic :(
Q3 vs. UT: Side-by-Side Comparison - Simple, yet brilliant.
L-Aim Bot Problem - Read the manual damnit!
Modern Art for the Modemly Challenged - This should be in a museum!
Signifigant-Other-o-Meter - Who cares about ping?
The Demo Bet - Just a lil joke, tee hee hee!
Wrong Button - One slip of the finger...
Teamplay Fun - It's happened to the best of us.
DarkNova is a Cheater - I deny everything.
LamerKatz Winamp Skin - Show off your mp3's in style!
You know you've been playing too much Quake 3 when... - Duh.
CD Key Woes - 'Tis a sad, sad tale...
Idiot's Guide to Quake 3 - Written just for you.
Pizza Bind - Now you can eat pizza in peace!
You think you're l33t? - Too bad, you're not. But this guy is.
CTF Llamas - How come I'm always on the llama team?
The Importance of Team Chat - Because we all make mistakes.
Spaced Out Flag Carrier - Uhh.... where am I?
CD-Key Cracker - Because you asked for it it!
QV4K3 3 CD K3Y5 - More fun in AGQ3, in L3375P33K!
Survival Kit - Just the bare necessities.
The Great "CTF Guide" Debate - An entertaining AGQ3 thread.
Q3A vs. UT: Which is butter? - Battle to the bread! Er... to the death!
Improved Lucy Skin - She's lookin' better than ever!
CD-Keys for Sale - Supplies are limited, act now!
LK gets Naked for PQ - "Get Naked for PlanetQuake" contest entry.
How many Homos Left? - What's with those crazy voices anyway?
My Q3A CD-key - Okay you \\'4r3z l4m3rZ, here ya go!
Coincidence? - The Hoover conspiracy revealed!
Bitchin' Fast 3D 2000 - The ultimate video card!
The 'Kill' Cheat - Did you hear about this great cheat?
Its all about the Wagging - You never know what people do during a match.

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