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The rules to a Photoshop Challenge are as follows: An "original picture" is posted on the Forum. Your goal is to edit the picture (using Photoshop, or any art program other than Paint), changing it in some way as to make it funny or amazing. You can do this by adding stuff to the picture, taking stuff away from the picture, changing stuff from the picture, taking an element from the picture and putting it in a whole new picture, etc. Creativity and a sense of humor are a must. Great photoshop skills are nice but not necessary. Have at it!

Below are the completed Photoshop Challenges. A new one might be active on our Forum if you'd like to participate.

Wet and Messy
A jeep and a lot of mud. Chaos ensues.
The Beach, Biotch!
Sunbathers and low-flying planes... what more could you want?
The Amazing Adventures of the Go-Kart Guy
Wheeee! Go-Karts = Go-Fun!
Freefall Frenzy
A man falling off a cliff... think of the possibilities!
Leaning Tower of Pizza
Your task is to make a funny picture using just 2 guys and 50 pizza boxes... go!
LAN Mayhem
Our very first Photoshop Challenge! What chaos will erupt from this LAN?

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