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The Beach, Biotch!

Ahh, the beach. Where else can you find such joys as stepping on jellyfish, getting sand up your underwear, and of course that wonderful rotting-fish-and-seaweed smell? Add a low-flying plane to the mix, and a pair of sunbathers, and you've got yourself a Photoshop Challenge!

Believe it or not, this is the original pic (yes, it's real).

Naturally, I had to start things off by erasing the plane and adding a kite!

Yessir, this is probably the fastest way to get a tan... also by me.

Water on the moon? Sure, there's a whole beach resort! My 3rd entry.

Hmm, wouldn't want to be around when that dog marks it's territory. Thanks Jerle.

Gilligan's Island get a few extra visitors, thanks to Astro.

Dimex doesn't like people on his beach.

Nexus uses his X-Ray vision to find Mr. Bean.

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