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The Amazing Adventures of the Go-Kart Guy

Go-karts are amazingly underappreciated in today's society. Just think how fun the world would be if everyone had a go-kart instead of a real car... They're louder than a clown on fire, more colorful than a clown on fire, and more fun than a clown on fire. Okay maybe a clown on fire isn't the best thing to compare things to, but my point is that I wish go-karts were seen more often.... well gee, this sounds like a Photoshop Challenge!

Here's the original picture. I bet it just spews forth a million and one ideas in your mind, right?

I started things off asking, "What could be more fun than knocking over sandcastles in a go-kart?"

I had to reveal it, Spork Phatt didn't die in a LAN party fire...

I pity da fool! Thanks Bastaard.

Jumping the go-kart is 750 points. Thanks cpd!

He smashed the old lap record by 7 seconds! Thanks dr_eclip5e.

Due to failed contract negotiations with Yoshi, Mario gets a new ride... thanks Flag_Man.

24 vs. 949... who will win? Only gizm knows.

He was doing 95 in a 25. Seriously. Thanks natefanaro.

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