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Freefall Frenzy

After going several weeks without any updates made to the LamerKatz page, I decided to do a quick and easy update just too keep you readers from boycotting me. And, of course, what could be quicker and easier than a Photoshop Challenge?? The pic for this challenge was not easy to work with, but you guys came through with some great entries. Let's see 'em!

Gaze upon the original picture in all of its glory...

I started things off with this entry: "Basejumper vs. Harrier Attack Jet"

...and I closed the competition with this one! He flops the landing.

dr_eclip5e plays with his remote control basejumper! Whee!

Resident trickjumper Ryom gets a kick in the butt. Thanks Bastaard.

Shark feeding frenzy!!! Thanks El Drecko for this gem.

giZm thinks "happy thoughts"...

Meep-meep! Capitalism is the only person who bothered fixing the shadows!

Before making your jump, always check the area for fire breathing dragons. Thanks Ro'Jadre.

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