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Lamers since 2/28/99
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12 Things you Never Knew about LamerKatz
To celebrate our 4th anniversary, I decided to share a few secrets...
DarkNova at QuakeCon
I had a great time attending QuakeCon... here are the pics if you don't believe me!
LamerKatz Shirts
Finally, the LamerKatz have hit that all-important milestone... we're selling shirts! Buy one!
2nd Year in Review
LamerKatz is 2 years old! What exciting adventures occured in that time...?
Is Team Arena Worth It?
I can judge that without even playing the game... Just take a look inside the box!
Fun with Heads
The new Quake3 1.25 patch added the ability pair up any head with any body. Needless to say, this led to some interesting combinations...
L4m3r Bot
When the L4m3r Bot teams up with the LamerKatz model, you know you're in trouble! Now featuring teamplay skins and advanced teamplay AI!
Quake III L-Aim Bot
Don't whine about cheaters, GET EVEN with the Quake III L-Aim Bot! From the same minds that brought you the Q3 CD-Key Cracker!
LK Anniversary - Year in Review
It's been a wild first year, here's the full story! Where did the name "LamerKatz" come from? What was the most popular feature? What does the future hold? And more!
Killcreek on "LK Accelerator" Cover
Killcreek may have been on the cover up PC Accelerator, but she really hit the bigtime when she made it to LK Accelerator!
My q3config.cfg File
A lot of really nice people have been requesting my q3config.cfg file lately. I never knew I had so many fans! Tee hee hee.
Exclusive Quake3 Character Renderings
I was able to blackmail the folks over at id Software into giving some exclusive Q3A model pics to the LamerKatz! Check em out!
Presenting the GOLFBOT
At last, the ZBOT has been modified for real-life golf! Amaze your friends! Show off to your boss! Get the chicks!
Legalize the ZBOT
We have the best minds in the world thinking of reasons why the ZBOT should be morally accepted! With a little luck we can convert the non-believers!
An Interview with |-|@X0-|)00|)
What goes on inside the mind of a master hacker such as |-|@X0-|)00|)? We'll show you what the government doesn't want you to know! Exclusive pics!

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