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Lamers since 2/28/99
Cool Stuff: LamerKatz Chronicles Reloaded!!! | White Screen of Death!!! | Never-Ending Secret Order Initiation!!!

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When you run a webpage like LamerKatz, you're bound to get some weird e-mails. Sometimes these people are just asking for trouble, so I gotta teach them a lesson.

White Screen of Death - More aimbot fun.
Right to Bare Aimbots - A serious e-mail, for once.
The Never-Ending Initiation of the Secret Order of the Sacred Aimbot - Never give up!
E-Mail Fun Grab Bag - A collection of some of the stranger e-mails.
I Found a Way to Keep CD-Key Safe - We duel, and I am bested.
The Secret Order of the Sacred Aimbot - I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
Is Confuse English me Good, No? - Say what?
Aimbot Discrimination - I'm a cruel bastard.
Nopbot Tech Support - Only $4.99 per minute.
Totally Suckbot - I never knew so many types of aimbots existed.
1337 b07 - 2B3X C0R774 0/\/ Y0VR V4665DR3Y M0046H37!!
Questions Only - Why aren't you reading this?
AndyBot - A moron takes the bait... hook, line, and sinker.

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