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Vegeta! Vegeta! Vegeta!

Posted on LK Forums by Ryom

Have you ever been in a situation online where someone just isn't getting it, and you wish you could reach your hands over the Internet and slap them in the face? ...No? Neither have I, but Ryom has!

Green = Ryom ]AfZ[ (cool guy) talking
Red = DestroyerMaster (weirdo) talking
Orange = {div}cr0nus (random guy) talking
Yellow = BuSt@ (some other random guy) talking

Like all other condumps, they start off normal...

Ryom ]AfZ[ entered the game
{div}cr0nus: sup ryom
BuSt@ entered the game
BuSt@ tried to invade {div}cr0nus's personal space
Ryom ]AfZ[: heya
DestroyerMaster: ryom
Ryom ]AfZ[: yes?
DestroyerMaster: how do u download model

This question is so poorly phrased and obscure, it could throw anyone off guard.

Ryom ]AfZ[: download model?
BuSt@: ?
DestroyerMaster: like vegeta
Ryom ]AfZ[: I'm not sure what you mean

Asking for clarification usually clears up the confusion...

DestroyerMaster: thow did u download vegeta
Ryom ]AfZ[: I have no Idea what you are talking about

Uhm, maybe asking for clarification again will clear up the confusion...

DestroyerMaster: how did u download vegeta

Hmm, nope. All that resulted in is DestroyerMaster repeating the exact same thing, except with the "t" removed from the beginning.

Ryom ]AfZ[: vegeta is a model?
Ryom ]AfZ[: you see me as vegeta?
DestroyerMaster: i know
Ryom ]AfZ[: its the model you use right?
Ryom ]AfZ[: press tab and look at me again
DestroyerMaster: but how did u download it
Ryom ]AfZ[: am I still vegeta?
DestroyerMaster: ya
Ryom ]AfZ[: do you have force models on?
Ryom ]AfZ[: because I am Red Ranger
Ryom ]AfZ[: I dont have vegeta
Ryom ]AfZ[: its your client
DestroyerMaster: didnt u find vegeta in internet
Ryom ]AfZ[: no!
{div}cr0nus: lol
DestroyerMaster: how did u get it then


Ryom ]AfZ[: gahh
Ryom ]AfZ[: listen to me
Ryom ]AfZ[: I dont have it
DestroyerMaster: dont
Ryom ]AfZ[: I am using Red Ranger
Ryom ]AfZ[: its is your client
Ryom ]AfZ[: that is making me look like it
Ryom ]AfZ[: I dont have vegeta
Ryom ]AfZ[: whatever it is
DestroyerMaster: ure using a red ranger power ranger

I think this guy has Attention Deficit Disorder or something. Seriously.

{div}cr0nus: ryom, vegeta is a character on dragonball z
Ryom ]AfZ[: oh
Ryom ]AfZ[: no not that red ranger
]\condump Vegeta.txt
Dumped console text to Vegeta.txt.


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