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Condumps, or "console dumps", are great ways to catch a lamer in the act. When a lamer continues to make a fool of himself beyond what a simple Quote would justify, condumps serve to document the entire match in a nice and easy to read format. Here are some great ones:

Vegeta! Vegeta! Vegeta! - Vegeta!! Vegeta!!! VEGETA!!!!!!!!
Trench Talk - Interesting conversations.
Bad Medicine - Symptoms may include naseua.
OMFG U Cheat - Idiocy, served daily.
Fun with Penis - Um, it's not what you think.
Return of the Lamer - The force is with me...
Be Careful Who you Piss Off - Or you might get "fuked!"
Attack of the 2nd Graders - Waaaah! I'm telling!
He Blew his Cover! - Our tax dollars at work.
DarkNova the Hacker - I can't believe this guy caught me! Er, yeah...
Inconceivable Lamer - Holy hell, this guy is going for the record!
Halogen Lamp... er, Lamer - Just you basic whiner, pathetic as always.
Newsgroup Condump - Based on a true story.
Uhh... WTF? - Sometimes condumps make no sense.
Ambiguously Gay Duo - Not that there's anything wrong with that.
A Great Excuse - This one will work anywhere.
Just your basic Asshole - An epic tale, caught on console!
#Quake3 IRC Fun - Did you know there are lamers on IRC as well?
Quick Temper Lamers - He sounded nice... until the "incident"
German Challenge - Just another friendly 1 on 1, USA vs. Germany :)
Trash Talking Lamers - Voice communication will be a big problem in the future.
Clan Skin Dilemma - Clan members ganging up on you? No problem!
Persistent Lamer - Mama always said, "Never give up!"
Rama vs. Llama - It's got insults, excuses, impersonation, the works!
The Grapple is a Cheat - WTF is that red rope you're shooting?? You cheater!
Putting a Lamer to Shame - Sometimes a lamer just really gets what he deserves.
Classic Lamer - The typical lamer jerk who makes a fool of himself.
Spanish Speaking Lamers - A whole clan accuses me of cheating, in Spanish!
Lamers that Impersonate you - When someone else does the talking for you.

Note: You can make your very own condump of a lamer by dropping the console down and typing "condump lamer.txt"! Then send it to me!

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